The history of the Grammar School

 The Grammar School at 14 trida Kapitana Jarose is the oldest Czech Grammar School in Moravia. It was founded in 1867 and it has encouraged and developed scientific and artistic talents and skills of generations of students ever since. It was the forerunner of the University of Brno. As a rule, its teachers were well educated specialists, who set high standards for their students. They often initiated the scientific research in their fields of study.

Within a short time the Grammar School came to be reputed as the institution providing excellent secondary education. Unfortunately, the promising development was violently interrupted when World War I broke out. During the war the school building housed a military hospital. What is more, many teachers and students joined the army and many of them died in the struggle for liberation and independence of their homeland. Twenty years later the school suffered a similarly painful loss under the fascist occupation.

The school started again on 24 May 1945, but soon it had to face other serious problems. The Grammar School was closed in 1961 and it was not opened until 1969. Its specialization changed then. It was no more the Grammar School focusing on classical languages and humanities, it became the very opposite, the Grammar School focusing on mathematics. Sciences, mainly mathematics, physics and computer studies, have been the core of the school schedule since then. In 1984 the school was officially recognized and registered as the Grammar School specializing in mathematics. The school can boast brilliant students of mathematics and physics who have won international olympiads. Moreover, some graduates have been given scholarships by foreign colleges and universities. The annual research and statistics done and issued by the Ministery of Education prove that this institution ranks among the best Czech Grammar Schools, for example the rate of graduates admitted to universities and colleges of further education always nears the top of the chart.

It is a pleasure to say that there is no branch of knowledge or activity some of our students have not excelled at. The school takes pride in dozens of famous and successful graduates. The world of literature, art and humanities has been conquered by linguist Frantisek Bartos, writers Karel Capek ,Vilem Mrstik, Petr Bezruc or Milan Kundera, poets Ivan Blatny, Zdenek Rotrekl or Josef Suchy, classical languages translator Ferdinand Stiebitz, one of the best Czech composers of the 2nd half of the 20th century Jan Novak or Brno historian Frantisek Sujan. Karel Absolon, Edvard Formanek or Frantisek Kolacek were distinguished Czech scientists. Another graduate, Josef Bakes, founded the Institute of Oncology on Zluty kopec. Psychologist Robert Konecny, painters Alfons Mucha or Ondrej Sekora, the late Brno bishop Karel Skoupy, Jan Koukl, the bishop of Litomerice, or Jaroslav Stransky, the son of the founder of Lidove noviny, belonged to the school's graduates, too. The rector of Masaryk University Jiri Zlatuska studied here. Some recent graduates successfully represented this country abroad at various sports events. They were, for example, chess player Pavel Blatny, or figure skaters Radka Kovarikova or Katerina Mrazova.

All this information suggests that we have the right to say that this Grammar School is not only the institution with the glorious past, but that it also has the respectable present and the prolific future.